Perlon Strap – The Guide to Perlon Replacement Watch Bands

If you’re hunting for replacement watch straps and have begun shopping online and checking out the options, you’re likely to have encountered the term perlon strap by now. Perlon watch straps are one of the most popular types of replacement bands, but just what are they and why do so many people use them? Read on to find out!





What Is Perlon?

Perlon is a type of fiber that is man-made. Also called nylon 6, perlon looks and feels a lot like standard nylon but it is made very differently. Most nylons are made by condensing synthetic materials together, but perlon is produced by joining tiny rings of material together. A perlon watch strap is a type of replacement watch band made out of nylon 6.

Benefits of Perlon Straps

Perlon watch straps offer a number of benefits for those looking for replacement watch bands. Perlon is an ultra strong material that is very unlikely to rip or fray, even if you wear your watch every day. Highly flexible, perlon bands have a comfortable fit, and their unique braided weave makes them breathable, so they’re comfortable to wear during hot weather. Also, perlon bands do not have stamped holes for buckles, making them easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

The best way to learn just what a perlon strap is — is to take a look at some. We recommend heading over to WatchBandit, where they have a very wide assortment of Perlon straps available. Once you browse their selection, you’ll have a clear picture of just what the straps are.