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In the market for a new Perlon strap? Because this type of replacement watch band is so popular, you’ll find many options available on the market, but not all of them are the same. The quality of perlon straps can differ widely from brand to brand, making it hard for many men to determine just which one to buy.

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Before creating this blog, our team took the time to personally review dozens of perlon straps from various brick and mortar and online retailers. We evaluated every strap in terms of the attractiveness of the band, the durability of the materials, the level of comfort provided by the strap and the overall experience dealing with the store. Based on our research and reviews, some of the absolute best perlon straps on the market today come from WatchBandit.

WatchBandit Perlon Bands

WatchBandit Perlon Straps are available for purchase at the official online store. Their straps are made from real perlon nylon, and they use only stainless steel hardware in their designs. We were impressed with the look and feel of their straps and with the huge color selection that they had on offer. In addition, the online retailer offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $49, and they were quick to answer questions that we emailed them about their products.

If you want to browse the collection of WatchBandit Perlon Straps that’s currently available, head over to the store’s website and check out their selection. They also have NATO and Zulu watch straps that are equally well made.


  1. I want a 2 piece Perlon watch band with the adjustable buckle does anyone make such a watch band in 22mm size?

  2. An adjustable buckle on a Perlon strap seems redundant since there are no drilled holes on the strap and thus it is infinitely adjustable. Good luck with your search.

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