Brand Profile: Deco Wrist

Deco Wrist is a retailer of watches based in Hong Kong. The store is reportedly run by a team of watch fanatics, and it maintains an Instagram account with a number of inspiring shots of customers wearing their products. The site doesn’t provide information about how or where their Perlon straps are manufactured.

Deco Wrist perlon straps

At Deco Wrist, you can find Perlon watch straps in a wide variety of shades. Nearly all of the designs are available in two width sizes: 18 millimeters and 20 millimeters. A number of the straps are also sold in 22-millimeter and 24-millimeter widths. The Perlon straps at Deco Wrist have a number of nice features; however, the site does not reveal exactly what the plaited material is that’s used in the construction of their straps except to say that it’s synthetic. The straps feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel buckles with a silver finish, and they measure 270 millimeters in length to fit both women and men.

Prices for Perlon watch straps at Deco Wrist are around $11, making the sight one of the more affordable sources for Perlon watch straps, particularly ones of this quality. Because the site is relatively new, there aren’t many reviews to tell how their customer service compares to other sites. The store does provide worldwide shipping, but it does not appear that free shipping is offered regardless of order size. Still, shipping costs are low; registered air mail to the U.S. is only $4.99.

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