NATO Straps Compared to Perlon Straps

When it comes to replacement watch straps, NATO and Perlon straps are two of the most popular options on the market. Both types can look stylish on a timepiece, but there are many things that differ between them. Read on to discover how they vary:

  • Versatility of Materials. All Perlon straps are made out of nylon 6 material, which is what gives this type of strap its name. NATO straps can be made out of nylon or leather.
  • Type of Nylon. Even nylon NATO straps and Perlon straps are constructed out of different types of nylon. You can check out this blog post to learn more about what makes Perlon nylon unique.
  • Style of Hardware. Usually, the only metal on a perlon strap is its buckle. The loops on the strap are made out of nylon, just like the rest of the band. On a NATO watch, the loops will be constructed out of the same metal as the buckle.
  • Strength. Perlon straps are more resistant to ripping than nylon NATO bands of equal quality.
  • Security. NATO straps have an extra flap beneath a watch, making them a more secure option if the strap becomes unbuckled.
  • Style Options. Most Perlon straps are all one color. You can find NATO straps with patterns like stripes and camouflage.

nato strap

perlon strap red


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