Perlon Bands for Summer

You can’t afford to leave your watch behind just because it’s hot outside! Or as Bloomberg pointed outWhen it’s 90 degrees outside, wearing a padded crocodile watch strap is no less insane than putting on a parka.

After all, you need to be able to mind the minutes, and your timepiece puts that perfect finishing touch on your everyday and dressy style. Unfortunately, wearing a watch during the summer can leave you with a sweaty wrist and feeling overheated, but there is a way that you can beat the heat and keep wearing your favorite watches all summer long–a Perlon watch strap.

Perlon watch straps are cooler options than conventional nylon straps, silicone bands, rubber straps, leather straps and metal bracelets alike. We had heard this before, and actually put it to the test ourselves, trying out some WatchBandit Perlon straps on our watches on hot days. Remarkably, we found that our wrists stayed dry and didn’t feel hot, even when we were outside for long periods of time.

So why are the straps so cool?

Well, the answer lies in the construction of the Perlon strap itself. Even though Perlon straps are very strong, there are small openings in their surfaces. You don’t find openings like these on conventional nylon, silicone, rubber, metal or leather bands. When you’re wearing your Perlon strap, air can still easily reach your skin to keep you feeling cool. Choosing a light colored Perlon strap can enhance the benefits even more.

If you want to check out the Perlon straps that we used in our summer heat testing, head over to our brands section to find the perfect online shop for your needs.

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