What is Perlon: Materials described

Perlon straps are undoubtedly fashionable replacement watch bands but just what are they made out of? We’ve got the answers to your burning questions about Perlon strap materials in this post! Read on to discover them!

A Durable Nylon Material

Perlon is another name for a type of nylon called Nylon 6. Most military watch bands are made out of nylon, but Nylon 6 is a little different than most forms of nylon. Ordinary nylon is made by taking materials and condensing them together to form solid fibers that are then woven together to make the finished fabric. Nylon 6 is made by linking together materials into a tight chain, resulting in fibers that have a higher tensile strength. This is a fancy way of saying that it takes more force to rip a piece of Nylon 6 apart than it does to tear other types of nylon.


Beyond Perlon: Hardware on Perlon Straps

A Perlon watch strap isn’t just made out of nylon. The strap also has to have a buckle that fastens it in place. While all Perlon watch straps are made out of Perlon, the materials from which buckle hardware are made can vary, and the differences can make a difference in the overall quality of the straps. Stainless steel hardware is the best material for metal buckles to be made of because it is non-tarnishing, impervious to corrosion and very durable against wear and tear. In addition, stainless steel is gentle to the skin and not likely to cause irritation like nickel and some other varieties of metal.


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