How to Resize Perlon Watch Bands

Perlon straps are very versatile replacement watch bands. In fact, if you’re not happy with the fit, it’s possible to quickly and easily resize them. Read on to learn how to resize perlon straps.

  1. Grasp your watch strap with both hands so that the buckle is pointed to the left. (or the other way if you’re left-handed)
  2. Find the wide loop that is located on the strap. This is called the keeper.
  3. While holding the end of the watch strap with your left hand, take hold of the keeper with your right hand and then carefully pull it toward the right.
  4. Continue pulling the keeper until it slides all the way off the far end of the watch strap.
  5. Place the keeper in a safe location while you work. Be careful not to misplace it; your strap won’t work properly without it.
  6. Hold the buckle in your left hand and use your right hand to thread the long end of the strap back through the buckle.
  7. Continue pulling until the long end has been completely removed from the buckle.
  8. Hold the buckle in your left hand and then push the strap through the bottom portion of the buckle.
  9. Continue pushing until you have shortened the band to the right length. You may need to use a toothpick to help you.
  10. Push the strap through the second loop.
  11. Tighten up the length.
  12. Push the strap back through the third loop.
  13. Pull the end back through the buckle just as you had it before Step 6.
  14. Straighten the strap.
  15. Slip the keeper back on and all the way down to its starting position. You’ll need to bend the strap slightly to get it down.

Perlon Strap Re-Sizing Video

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