WATCHSTRAPSON is a newcomer to the market, having launched in 2014. The site is based in the UK and grew out of a watch lover’s Instagram account. After posting photos of Perlon straps on his feed, the site owner began receiving inquiries from other users who wanted to know where he found his watch straps. He realized how hard it was for people to find good quality Perlon straps, so he launched his own store to meet the demand.

WATCHSTRAPSON perlon straps

The Perlon watch straps at WATCHSTRAPSON are of very good quality. The straps are genuine Perlon nylon, and stainless steel hardware is used in their design. The site carries neutral straps in 18-millimeter, 20-millimeter, 22-millimeter and 24-millimeter width sizes and colored straps in 20-millimeter widths. Most of the designs can be finished with a choice of silver or yellow gold plated buckles. The straps are 27 centimeters long, and you do receive an extra buckle and a spring bar remover tool when you purchase one.

While you will find good quality straps at WATCHSTRAPSON, the site does have a few shortcomings. The layout is a little awkward, as the site still requires some fine tuning, and it took us a little time to actually find a way to see all of the Perlon straps at once. Another issue is price. The straps cost around $12, which is rather expensive compared to the prices that you’ll find elsewhere. We weren’t able to find any information about the shipping costs, but the site does offer worldwide shipping with no minimum order requirements.

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