Mix & Match: Perlon Straps & Anchor or Hook Bracelets

When you think of accessories that you wear on your wrist, do you picture yourself wearing either a watch or a men’s bracelet? If so, it’s time for you to discover the style benefits of mixing and matching! With their vibrant, colorful designs, Perlon straps are perfect for layering with colorful bracelets like anchors or hooks fashioned out of nylon sailing rope. Read on for tips on how to mix and match rope bracelets and perlon straps like a pro.

  1. Try a neutral with a color. If you’re not very confident pairing colors, try wearing a Perlon strap in black, grey, brown or white with a hook or anchor bracelet in a bold color like purple, orange or yellow or vice versa.
  2. Mix different shades of like colors. Another way to create a great mix and match look is to combine bracelets with a Perlon strap in the same basic color family. For example, you could pair a royal blue perlon strap with a light blue bracelet.
  3. Use a color wheel. Search online for a color wheel. Find the color of your Perlon strap and then look at the color directly across from its point. An anchor or hook bracelet that is predominantly that color will make for a striking pairing.

Want to see some stylish examples of mix and match perlon straps and anchor or hook bracelets worn together? WatchBandit.com has a blog called Spotted, where they feature pictures of actual bracelet and watch pairings that their customers put together using their Perlon straps, anchor bracelets and hook bracelets. Head over to their website and check it out for some style inspiration.

Photo credit: © @chronomatick

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