Perlon Strap Sizes

When you’re getting ready to purchase a perlon strap for a timepiece, it’s important that you know what size you need to fit your wrist and coordinate with your wristwatch. Otherwise, that brand new strap may not work with your watch or feel comfortable. This guide to perlon strap sizes will help you ensure that you select the perfect strap.

Lengths & Widths

The length of a perlon strap refers to the distance from the buckle end of the strap to the other measured all the way along the braided perlon band. It’s the length that determines whether or not the strap will reach comfortably around your wrist. The majority of well made perlon straps will be about 270 millimeters long. This length will fit most men and even women because of how easy it is to fine-tune the fit of a perlon strap.

The width of a perlon strap refers to its distance from the top to bottom edge. There are four standard width sizes: 18, 20, 22 and 24 millimeters. The width of the strap must match the distance between the lugs on your watch to ensure an optimal fit.

Thicknesses of Perlon Straps

The thickness of a perlon strap refers to the height of the strap if you lay it on a flat surface and measure it vertically along the side. The thickness will impact the durability of the strap, and most well made ones are around 1 millimeter thick.

A reputable retailer will carry all of the standard Perlon strap sizes listed above in a wide variety of stylish looks for easy shopping.

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  1. I am looking for a 22mm Orange strap for my omega planet ocean chrono watch
    Do you do this strap in this size and if so what is the cost
    Thank you

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