Brand Profile: Whatchs

Whatchs is an e-commerce store dedicated to selling watch accessories. Located in Sweden, the online store offers watch straps as well as watch cases. For those looking for Perlon straps, the site has a wide variety of options.

Whatchs perlon straps

The Perlon watch strap sold by Whatchs has a traditional woven design with a classic diamond weave. Buckles are made out of stainless steel, which is typically a good sign of quality. All of the Perlon straps are offered with a choice of silver, yellow gold or black PVD plating on the watch hardware, so there are more buckle finish options available than what you’ll find at other stores. The straps are 270 millimeters long, and most are offered in 18-millimeter, 20-millimeter, 22-millimeter and 24-millimeter widths.

One unique thing that Whatchs offers is a value pack of Perlon watch straps. With this set, you can purchase 20 Perlon straps in a single width in 20 different colors for a reduced price. The sets are great for people who are just starting to build a replacement watch strap collection.

In terms of price, Whatchs’ rates are mid-range. Their straps cost around $13. The site will ship anywhere in the world, but there is a cost for shipping to all destinations.

One downside to shopping at Whatchs is that the site doesn’t provide much information either about themselves or about their products. It’s not clear what level of quality you can expect from the watch straps or even who you are buying from when you purchase from Whatchs online.

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