Brand Profile: ChronoWorld

ChronoWorld is a watch retailer that is well-established, having opened for business back in 1999. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for offering high quality products and for providing attentive customer service. In addition to their large selection of watches from well-known brands, the story carries a wide assortment of watch straps, including Perlon straps.

ChronoWorld perlon straps

What’s nice about buying Perlon straps from ChronoWorld is that you can buy a strap in any of their 18 available colors in one of five sizes. Not only do they offer the usual 18-millimeter and 20-millimeter widths, but they also carry harder-to-find sizes, including 16-millimeter, 22-millimeter and 24-millimeter options. The straps are made out of genuine Perlon. The buckles are adjustable but they are constructed out of a copper and zinc brass alloy rather than stainless steel, so there is a chance that they could turn or tarnish over time. In addition to their Perlon straps, ChronoWorld carries adjustable buckles in a variety of colored finishes and sizes for those who want something different than the classic silver-toned look.

The Perlon straps at ChronoWorld are sold for around $15 regardless of color and size. This is more expensive than what you can expect to pay elsewhere, but they do throw in a free spring bar tool kit upon request. Shipping to the U.S. costs $2.95, and shipping costs are competitive to other locations in the world. If you purchase a watch, ChronoWorld typically ships orders for free.

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