Brand Profile: WatchObsession

WatchObsession is a company that grew out of one man’s eBay shop which he used to raise funds to buy new watches for his own collection. Founded in 2008, the e commerce store now is backed by a full team and is one of the most well-known retailers of watches and watch accessories in the UK. Among the many products you’ll find at WatchObsession are Perlon replacement watch straps, and the selection includes an array of styles.

WatchObsession perlon straps

At WatchObsession, you’ll find Perlon straps in all of the major colors of the rainbow plus a number of browns and greys. The site is one of the few that also carries standalone replacement buckles that you can mix and match with their straps. Options include silver, yellow gold, black PVD and rose gold finishes. Buckles are made from brass but are nickel free to protect sensitive skin. WatchObsession offers all of their Perlon watch bands in 18-millimeter, 20-millimeter and 22-millimeter widths, and the high quality braided nylon watch straps are around 270 millimeters in length for a one size fits all design.

The cost of Perlon straps at WatchObsession is around $15, which makes the site one of the more expensive options out there for these vintage-inspired watch bands. In the UK, free shipping is available on orders of £80 or more, and the site will ship international orders for free provided they total £100 or more. These are some of the highest minimum order requirements for free shipping that we’ve encountered.

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