Brand Profile: Strap Your Watch

Strap Your Watch is a site devoted only to the sale of replacement watch straps. The site was founded by watch enthusiasts who have been collecting for 20 years and wanted to start a store where people who wished to buy new watch straps to repair and reinvent their watches could easily find just what they need for their timepieces. perlon woven watch straps

The selection of Perlon straps at Strap Your Watch includes many different colors with every style available in a 20-millimeter width. Most styles also come in 22-millimeter widths. One odd feature is that the buckles appear to only be sold separately, something we haven’t encountered on other sites. Strap Your Watch is especially well known for their bulk packs, which bring together 3, 4, 5 or more watch straps for a discounted price. The packs include Perlon straps in different colors, and some also provide NATO straps.

The cost of a single Perlon strap at Strap Your Watch is $9.50 for a 20-millimeter and $12.50 for a 22-millimeter, and the site does have a low price guarantee on all of their products. The buckles cost $5, so if you have to purchase one, the price if pretty hefty. If you find a lower price on a strap that is identical to one in their collection, they’ll meet or beat the price. We couldn’t find information about the cost of shipping, as it seems to vary based on location. Free shipping does not appear to be offered on orders of any size.

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