Like many watch retail stores, NATOBand.NU is an e-commerce site founded by watch enthusiasts for people who love timepieces. The site was launched in 2011 by a pair of watch lovers who have a passion for mixing and matching watches with various bands to change their look. By creating NATOBand.NU, they hoped to help other people all around the world do the same. The site is operated out of Sweden and has a solid reputation for providing good customer service.

NATOBand.NU perlon straps

NATOBand.NU claims to be the largest watch band store in the world, and while it’s hard to know whether or not that’s true, one thing is for sure–they have a number of unique Perlon straps. In addition to neutral and designer colors found elsewhere, the site has a number of unique shades that we’ve not encountered in other stores. Also, NATOBand.NU offers bands with silver, gold, black PVD and rose gold buckles. All of the straps are made in 18-millimeter and 20-millimeter widths with select styles available in larger sizes.

The Perlon watch straps found at NATOBand.NU sell for around $12. The price is above what you’ll pay elsewhere; however, if you’re looking for a unique strap that you can’t find anywhere else, the price is still fair due to the quality of the straps. If you happen to be looking for a basic strap in a common color, you may want to look elsewhere for a better deal. The site offers free worldwide shipping on orders of $44 or more.

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